Friday, April 22, 2011

Aren't I Smart?!

So in the past 24 hours... I've been pulled over, Bean has crapped in the house, we've had 2 playdates and Erk has been rear ended. Whew...

Last night at this time, I was drivin' on home from a meeting. On my way home and talking to Erk, I thought there was a cop behind me. I even told Erk that and then realized it wasn't. A bit further up the same stretch of road I commented to Erk that there was a cop behind me (in the other lane) but I wasn't speeding. I was going 51 mph. Erk says, "yeah, but you do have a headlight out," to which I laughed and told him I'd be home in a few. Sure shootin' I hang up that dang phone and see red and blue flashes behind me. "He must have gotten a call" went thru my mind the first second, until I realized, "nope, he's pulling me over!"

There I sat with a bright-as-the-sun spot light reflecting off my side mirror right into my eyeballs waiting for him to walk up to my window. He approached the window and asked for my license, registration, etc. I opened the glove box and handed him the papers along with my license and leaned back over where the light was dead on blinding and asked "can I ask why I got pulled over?" He replied, "you have a burned out headlight," while reading my info. REALLY? Then he says, "I'll let you off with a warning tonight." WHEW. I honestly can't believe they will actually pull you over for that, but that's beside the point. Our insurance premiums just went up due to my... ah-hem... speeding ticket in Illinois last summer. So I was grateful, no ticky no washy. Yikes.

So I get home. Laughing and shaking my head at that one. Bean hasn't been feeling well for a few days but no huge deal. Until I get up to help Molly in the night (she has Croup and the cough comes right thru the ceiling, poor baby) to get her some water. I felt something wet underfoot but figured it was a drip from the dishes prior that evening, wiped it on the kitchen rug in the dark and headed up with the lil' pink cup for Mol. While upstairs I see the light coming up the stairs. Erk was up and had the kitchen light on. Wow, that was nice, he heard Mol coughin too and was coming to lend a hand? (See, he has sleep apnea which means a mask at night which means he doesn't hear squat when the kids are up). I come on down the stairs and round the corner thinking there is coffee spilled on the kitchen floor. Oh no. No coffee. Diarrhea. Bean's craps all over the floor. Erk is about to gag and I tell him "I'll take care of it." So I did, mind over matter, just as Dad has taught me. :) Strange, Bean has never done anything like this. Is she losing it for real? Now she can't control her bowels? Poor Bean. I'm gonna have to take her to the vet. What if something is seriously wrong. She's been our baby for 10 years... and the thoughts ran one into the other on and on.

A bit later, I heard her get up from the chair she sleeps in and jumped outta bed to let her out. She gladly went out in the night, taking care of business. I gave her a few minutes, then stepped onto the porch in the stillness of the night waiting for her. She must have heard the door cause she came without me calling her name. Hopped back in her chair, me back in bed. I thought I heard her again, but between bringing Molly medicine and the thoughts of what the vet might say, I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. Fast forward to this morning and walking into the kitchen to find it AGAIN. Sweet...

So when it came time to leave for our first playdate today, I put Bean dog in the mudroom. For those of you who know her, like really know the damage she has done, this animal can't handle being contained. I quickly coaxed her into the mudroom, then headed straight out the front door and locked it. I couldn't stand the thought of hearing her go all INSANE. Our first playdate was a surprise. I'd been messin' with the boys so they had no idea where we were headed til we got off the exit. Chuck E Cheese baby! It's been a few years since we've been there, and they were so excited, Jack screamed! It was fun, we hung with some friends from school and enjoyed the tokens and tickets for a few hours. Thank you Nanny for watchin Miss Molly, the Croupster, so we didn't spread her wealth to the other kids there!

On home we came to find Bean had crapped in the mudroom but that she hadn't escaped. I had visions of her waiting for us when we got home, sitting on the porch or in the neighbors 'back 40. She can open the back door, she has in the past. She can open anything she puts her mind to, she's crazy in the head. But she didn't. She did a little damage to the inside door, but nothing near what history brought from sucha situation!

Come 3 o'clock, 2 boys from school came on over, cute as can be. They are brothers, so sweet and respectful. The kids all played for a few hours, mostly outside. It was rainy and cold, but they didn't mind. I did. Just when Molly wanted to play out there too. I didn't really want to play out there but didn't feel right having these boys out there all alone, not to mention Mouse. So I sat in a wooden straight back chair in the garage, hood up on my winter coat, hands tucked in between my thighs, freezin my arse off to keep an eye on things. The boys were all rosy cheeked running with sticks playing tag and hide-and-seek. They'd have it no other way ;)

Once the boys were picked up and I was browning meat for burritos, I see a text from Erk. "Just got rearended." HUH? So I called him. Sure enough, some dude clipped him pretty good. Erk's head is still sore, but he keeps saying he's alright. The dude got him good enough that the impact made an accordian out of his white car, probably totalled. The investigator in me could tell it was a white car from the marks on Erk's bumper. Aren't I smart!?! HA! Erk's car faired pretty well but it's a little dorked in the back. He said the trunk still opens ok but it's a bit off. I'm glad he's alright (let's hope he is being honest) and that he made it home safe and sound.

So now here I sit in bed, telling you way more than you probably care to hear (or read) but hey, this is me :) I hope you had a good day today. And I'm hoping for a much less eventful sleepy time tonight!