Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A busy, crazy, fun-filled weekend followed by a busy day yesterday! I'll post some pix later, off to church for mom's group. WHEW! I'm thinking Miss Crabby Pants (not me, Mouse) will definitely need a nap today.

Ohh, one quick cute note, I was conked last night and Erk woke me up to say Molly was calling for me. So I half asleep clunk up the stairs to find her crying in the dark hallway. "I need a kleeeenex!" she cried. So I grabbed one out of Mikie's room and wiped her nose. I helped her get back in bed and all wrapped up. A side note, when the kids have dirty sheets and they are still in the wash, the kids "camp out" with blankets folded over like sleepin bags. Well, Molly and I started a different phrase to describe it, she likes to be "wrapped like a burrito." So I wrapped her up like a burrito, kissed her forehead and half awake found my way back down the stairs and into bed. As I'm drifting back off to sleep, I hear the long, moaning sounding cry from upstairs again. So I toss back the sheets and head up. She's in bed this time, and quivers with her precious 3 year old voice, "I can't find the sour cream."