Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ernie of green GABLED

Well the weather outside is... AMAZING!! Just came in from pricing some garage sale stuff. WOW, I love this weather! I know it won't be here forever, so we appreciate days like this :) It's been a really nice weekend. Yesterday both boys had t-ball/baseball practice, so Erk took Jack (and Molly went with them) and I took Mikie. He and I decided to go a little early so we could play catch. Mike grabbed the baseball bat too so we went into a field nearby the baseball diamond (there were girls practicing so we didn't wanna be in the way) and Mikie hit a few of my pitches. I kept covering my face with my hands, afraid he was gonna break my nose! An old school fear of mine... softball/bat/hitting my face, flashbacks! After Mike's practice I told him he and I would go get a hot fudge sundae. I called Erk on our way home to see what they were doing and they were heading home too. I told him our plan and he said we were on speaker so everyone heard the plan! So we'd better go thru the drive-thru and get 5 hot fudge sundaes :) So we did. We sat on the front porch steps and enjoyed... Ohh, I wanted to tell you, slowly but surely we are learning more tidbits about our house. I discovered last week where the original basement walls were, so now when we sit at the table and eat, I tease the kids "I'd be sitting outside." Apparently the outside laundry room wall was the back of the house, all the way across. But at some point they added on to our kitchen area (to give the house plumbing), and the mudroom/bathroom. From some research online to find out what type of house this is, I found it was built as a "Gabled-Ell". Most likely the front room of our house (which is now our den, was our dining room) was the kitchen. COOL, eh!? Perhaps you aren't as interested, but I find it intriguing! I hear Bean barking at some poor bikers. Her bark is sounding slower, more "I'm trying to scare you but I'm 70 years old" sorta sound. She just doesn't have that agile, take off like a bullet sorta run in her anymore. We play catch and after 3 tosses of the ball, she won't drop the darn thing out of her mouth cause truth be told, she doesn't really want you to throw it again. Then she'd have to chase it.