Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We woke up to snow on the ground Sunday mornin! Crazy. Just one week ago on Sunday it was in the 80's! Weird.

Not far from the cabin, we had to stop for fresh made donuts. Mmmm. Erk opted for plain since the kids woulda made a mess... plain or not, they were DELISH!

While Erk was in the store, I snapped this of my grubby arse. YIKES, there is Ernie first thing in the morning! Same outfit as the day before, wore it to bed and woke up to keep it goin. I think my clothes could have walked away on their own if given the chance.
La la la, we were on the road when Erk took a deep sigh and hit the brakes. I'm so glad he saw it! I didn't! He got out and moved it best he could. It was a heavy sucker. Heard on the news that in that same area a woman was killed by a falling tree on her truck as she drove by. Scary!