Friday, April 15, 2011


WE DID IT! It came off without a hitch :) Well if you don't factor in my redness on my face, but it wasn't too bad. I was red before we even entered the news station, I felt it creep up my chest and neck to my face. It was like my own little heater :)

I picked Shawna up and we headed that way, weren't exactly sure where the station was but found it. We prayed together in the truck before heading in. We were placed in a conference room for what seemed like an eternity! Then two dudes came in with mics and "packs" to snap to the back of our pants. We had to feed the mics up our shirts so the cords wouldn't show, but I saw on the program mine kinda peeked out. Oh well. Then they whisked us onto the tv show set! It was a commercial break and we chatted with the host for a moment (she recognized Shawna cause they have kids at the same school) and then we were "LIVE!"

I had this strong desire to clear my throat, but kept myself to a minimum as the host read thru some Top 5 at 5 items. Then they shifted gears to us and what we do. I felt like I took over the conversation and didn't mean to talk over Shawna but now having watched it 3 times, I didn't. We did pretty equal talking! What an experience! WOW! I still can't believe it!

Perhaps our next stop will be the Today Show :)