Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Old House

Ok, so we met a few road blocks. That's ok. We're gonna keep diggin... For the longest time I've wanted to research our house. When was it actually built? They told us 1900, but is that accurate? We have reason to believe otherwise. How many families have lived here? We know an old woman died on our front porch, but who was she? How big was the original house? What rooms were added on later?
(if Jack would just zip up his sweatshirt he'd probably be warmer :)

With Spring Break this week I thought this would be the perfect time to start to find answers. The kids and I headed to the bank to get cash in case we needed it for making copies and on over to the Township Hall. Nice people in there, but they couldn't help us with squat. They confirmed the "1900" year, but that's because that's the only record they have. There were 3 people in the office and a dude in the back chimed in and said it's because "any house built before 1940 doesn't really have the paperwork to say when it was actually built so many homes that vintage are a guessed year." And the chick sitting in the back chimed in and said it's "because there weren't many building permits back then to keep track." Interesting facts indeed. So I asked where we could go from there and was told to check the Census records. That's something we'll look into later.

From there we headed over to the town Historical Society to see what we could find. We parked and took a little stroll near the dam, freezing our butts off only to find that they are "Closed for the Winter, See you in the Spring!" Last I checked, technically it is Spring! Oh well, back to the truck and on home we came. Not before snapping a picture of this place, the color scheme we'd like to paint our house, perhaps this summer!? Wouldn't that be cute! We'd be adding to the history of coolness to this house :)