Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Past Few

Our Saturday started off with waking up to Auntie Meg being here! She got in late Friday night and stayed with us. A special treat! Once we were all up and around, we headed to Nanny and Papa's to "help" put the dock in. Ok... we just watched Papa and UJ put the dock in.
Mike found some tall rain boots and slid them on when he thought no one was looking (I saw him). He snuck up on the men folk standing there talking.
From there (where we had lunch and a nice visit while Dad and UJ got the feeling back in their legs), we headed north to hang with some good friends. Our trailer has been parked up there all winter long. If you could hear what goes on in my brain, you would have heard the song, "Reunited and it feels so good..." when I saw the trailer. We opted to bring Bean along, and as you can see, she was delighted. Even offered to drive.
The roads up there were lovely. I can't believe we didn't get swallowed whole. We could have all turned into bobble heads! But we made it. And enjoyed our time tremendously :)