Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Sticky" Somethin'

Good evening! So far Molly has come down to say her cheek hurt, Mike has come down twice, the first time to see what time I'll come up and check on him and the second to get a puke bowl for his supposed stomach ache. In the middle of those visits we hear a thud and cry start, Jack was headed down the stairs to tell us he's too hot to sleep. He's ok, slipped on the freshly cleaned carpet on the steps was all. Why is bedtime not stickin' tonight?! The freshly cleaned carpeting came this morning from the professionals. We had to call 'em in after the puke incident night before last. Picture if you will, me totally conked and thinking I'm dreaming, talking out loud, only for Erk to wake up and say "what's goin on?" in a confused voice, waking me up from my dream. Only it wasn't a dream, Jack was standing there in the pitch dark telling me he puked. I startled awake and sat up to head upstairs with him. Rounded the floor and stepped in something wet at the bottom of the stairs. So on went the upstairs hall light. Yep, it was puke. I limped with my toes pointing to the ceiling into the kitchen for paper towel. Grabbed the whole roll figuring I'd need it. And a plastic garbage bag too. Wiped up the puke on the laminate floor and saw it was also on the bottom 2 stairs in a trickle effect. Wiped that up best I could at 12:35am half awake and continued on to find my treasure. Not quite to the top of the steps I am greeted with even more. Step 10, 11 and 12 caught supper too. Wiped those with my nifty paper towel and continued around the corner where it was almost laid out snake like down the long hallway. I could mentally picture him covering his mouth, trying to keep it in but seeping out (sorry for the visual, I'm just sayin'). Wipe, wipe, wipe, and into Jack's room where I thought we'd be done. The couple of stairs and hallway were only crumbs compared to what was waiting for me in there. Poor Jack, in the shadows asked me if I was mad. "Of course I'm not mad, buddy! I'm just not really with it, cleaning up puke." The cleanup in his room took the longest with a lot of stepping on paper towels and dabbing. Knowing they had had pizza for dinner and not really being able to see if I was doing a decent job cleaning it up or not, when the morning came we decided a carpet cleaner would be best. And it was, the carpets have never looked so good up there! And this isn't the first time we've had them cleaned. Nice to feel fluffy and clean under our feet... And today was met with some fun for the boys especially. Both of their baseball practices got cancelled due to weather but they, along with Daddy's help with the chain saw, started to make their bike trail that's been talked about for months. Thru the "sticky forrest", leading down into the "tall grass" and around and up our side yard. Just after dinner they wanted me to come see it, so I headed out with Erk's coat on to see what they'd done. We walked the trail, with the exception of Molly and Jack, Molly was lagging behind carrying her pink scooter thinking that would work as her ride down the trail. Once she made it to where we were waiting to watch Jack, she set the scooter down and around the corner he came (on Mike's bike cause his brakes aren't working so well). Around and into the tall grass where he met a small tree that took him out. Then it was Mike's turn, down he came, around into the tall grass where he tipped over. They walked us up and around to show me the trail, how fun it'll be once they have their path all worn down.