Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm honestly having to try really hard not to poop my pants. I get distracted, but then the thought comes up again about being on TV and I'm in knots! WHEW! I know we'll do just fine, I'm just like butterfly CITY! It's like this heat comes over me and my stomach starts flopping around and my mind races... Please pray for us, that we'll just be ourselves and that our nerves won't be too obvious.

I've got the outfit I'll wear all figured out, finally. I got all of the pieces a few days ago, new jeans and black top, new earrings and cute red wedge heels. I thought it came together nicely :) Until I tried walking in the shoes more than just trying them on. Walked from the kitchen into the den at home and realized I couldn't keep those darn red heels on. They kept slipping off my heel. I texted Meg for help! I was gonna get some inserts for them (or in my fashion, get some double sided tape goin') but then gave it some more thought. I am already much taller than Shawna, and add in heels? I'm gonna look like a freaken giant! So I changed my thoughts to flats. Headed to Payless first, then Shoe Carnival, then Kohls and ended up at Target. I was unsuccessful at all of those places, returned the red ones to Target and thought I'd look around. Even tried on a size smaller of the red heels just in case but they were too small. Ended up finding some strappy black shoes I can wear that aren't too dressy and go with the funky sorta look I'm going for. Best thing is they are FLAT! So now if Shawna will wear heels, we'll only be like 4 inches apart ;)

Anywho, so I got home after all that running today only to realize the cute new jeans? Too long for flat shoes. As in clean the floor too long. So back to Target I just went tonight to swap them for Regular instead of Long size. And that my friends... is how the outfit came together :) I know you were wondering!

With that, Shawna is due here any minute to discuss what we'll discuss tomorrow :) Remind me not to take an Excedrin Migraine right before we go on cause I did about an hour ago and I'm jittery, shaky right now!