Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Goodness

a good one, eh!?

the last egg to be found :)

Miss Mol

serious hunting

Easter afternoon at Granny & Grampa's

hi Mike :)

some football antics goin on before Easter dinner

what boys do!

Mouse had her first dance debut at church, she did great! So precious...

As you can see, a wonderful Easter Sunday was had by all. A great weekend all the way around. The clothesline goin in is nearly complete, we just need some more line and clothespins, not to mention DRY weather so I can get dryin' our clothes out there. I can't hardly wait! Reminds me of Auntie Jane's line :) Erk went all out with pullies (sp?) and 4 lines.

Tonight Jack had baseball practice. He did great - was pitched to 4 times and hit the ball in the first 3-4 pitches every time! He was geeked, great job dude!