Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Ballet

Mousie trying on a costume before the ballet! I love this picture! Jack getting a tattoo Nanny and Mol colorin before the show
Molly and Maya ended up with the same tattoo. Cute lil buddies :)

Today was the first real ballet experience we've ever had. Sure I took ballet in 2nd grade and Molly just finished her 6 week class, but this was a whole new ballgame. The liturgical dance leader at church (who was also Molly's ballet teacher) asked if any of the girls would like to go see the local ballet put on a children's program.

So, a few weeks ago, I asked the boys (separately of course) if they had any interest in going. First I talked to Jack, "sure, sounds cool..." shrug of the shoulders and half smile. I went upstairs to ask Mikie while he was playing in his room and his response (which kinda surprised me actually) was "Nope, I'd rather hang with Papa." And so that's how the ticket purchases shook out :) We called Nanny and she was pleased to join us!

Come this morning, Mike was still glad he wasn't going and Jack was trying to convince Mike that he was gonna miss out (and I believe convincing himself that it'd be worth it). And it was. Truly, Jack even said when I asked if he had rather gone or not gone, he said "have gone, that was fun!"

Anywho, once we got there, they had fun stuff around for the kids, like costumes to try on and tattoos and coloring. Then we lined up (fortunately Miss Jennifer knew that we'd better be ready when the doors opened) and got in the 2nd row. The show opened and it was really cool. Granted in those leotards you can see an awful lot (if you get my drift)! Ohh and Molly yelled out twice, "where's Nemo!?"

Overall, I feel we got some culture today and Molly sure looks cute in roses intertwined around her head :)