Saturday, November 13, 2010


Our dealio last night was fun. I meant to mention that in my short little post below. Never having done anything like that, we really didn't know what to expect, but it was good. We decided that a good opener with ladies who approached our booth was, "are you a scrapbooker?" That seemed to open the door to see if they are scrappers, what it is we do, and if not, then we keyed more on our holiday card display to show them that we'll be printing Christmas cards this year :) We met some other ladies with booths around us... Ruthanne with neat necklaces she handcrafts and Jennifer the MaryKay lady with too much foundation on who kept checking herself out in the reflection of the window behind us. We also figured out that the whole "U shape" at the end of the room where we were are all from the same town we are. So TMF (too much foundation) lady suggested we host a holiday show in our own town before the holidays. Great idea - but don't ask me to coordinate it lady! We'll see if we hear anything. A good experience and if nothing else, we handed out some flyers and ate some Herseys kisses :)