Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ahh, today... what was it? I guess you could say it was interesting.

Molly tagged along with me for "double nursery duty" this morning, which simply means I was nursery lady for the 9:30 and 11a services. Mol hasn't been going in the nursery anymore, she has been joining the boys for JAMS time instead. She's growin up! But she did so well, I know it's a long time to be there and she was great. Even with the naughty boy who is on everyone's list and the twin babies who cry 45 minutes of the hour service, we survived.

After that we came on home where Erk was prepping the porch for the vinyl. Yep, our porch has windows now! It's temporary for the winter (maybe next winter we'll have it all windowed in and finished) but it's great. So practical and will block the elements from making the cement floor slippery and heck, it blocks the wind!

While the men folk worked (Erk's buddy Jay came to help), Mike, Molly and I went to the grocery store for a few needs. Jack opted to stay home. So we got what we needed, visited with a few different people we saw that we know and headed out. Well, we get about 20 feet into the parking lot and next thing I know, the cart I'm pushing with Molly in the front and Mike standing on the back goes straight up in the air! I mean end over end straight! HOLY CRAP! Mike fell on his back and whammed his head, my shin is killing me and I'm wondering what the heck just happened. I yell "MIKE!" and he comes right to my arms and starts to cry. We pushed the cart outta the way of traffic and stood in an empty handicapped parking spot. I checked him over, he said his toe hurt, but otherwise he was fine. Didn't hit his head too hard (I'm so glad, I had an ER visit flashing thru my mind thinking of Florida this past March). We get to the truck and I piece together and ask Mike, sure enough, he had put his foot in front of the wheel in front and whammo, it stopped the moving cart and up in the air it went! As I loaded our 4 or 5 bags into the back of the truck, I realized how grateful I was that Molly didn't fall out and get hurt. SHEESH. What an ordeal!
u> Once home and the porch was done - we ordered some pizza.
I love this one of the kids eating in the family room (we were watching football).
and Molly and Daddy snuggled :) So cute!

So that was the day. Now my eyes and head are telling me to get to bed but yet I can't seem to quit. I must - I must quit! Sleep well! Hope you have a great start to the week tomorrow :)