Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doesn't Bother Me

"I sure do like those Christmas cookies, sugar. I sure do like those Christmas cookies, babe..." Ever heard that Christmas song? One of my favorites. By George Strait. I'm lovin' the music on, I love everything Christmas. It doesn't bother me one bit that things seemed to get an earlier start than usual this year either, I love it!

Today the kids and I went bowling. We had fun :) Only played one game, but that took an hour so it was plenty. Mike got throwing the ball so hard that one of the times it bounced out of our lane and down the gutter of the unused lane next to us. I was ticked. I kinda jumped in his stuff, all the while knowing it was an accident, but from there on out he realized he'd better chill out a little and bowl for real (not like he does on the Wii). From there we went to lunch at Logan's. Mmmm... only one ranch dressing hit the floor, ohh and a chicken tender, but otherwise we did pretty well. Then off to the craft store to get some ornament making supplies (and the kids each wanted one of everything and anything Toy Story 3, football, or princess) and on home.

Once we got home, Mol and I laid down for a nap while Erk and the boys played some hunting video game for a while and watched football (real manly :). Then Erk made a delish supper of venison tenderloins and all sorts of goodies and afterwards the kids and I made the ornaments. A very nice day for sure. Now the house is quiet and here I sit...