Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

look at that feast! and crowd! good times :) (what the heck is with my expression? and I look like I'm going bald! AHHH!)
I asked Mike how the "Paula Deen" pie recipe I used turned out... (seems to be a theme in pictures with Mike, he has a mouth full!)

Gramma and Dad AKA Mother and Son

Molly looking for black friday deals

the table is set and ready for some eatin'

caught ya Jack!

the turkey carver (Erk) cut his thumb! Uncle Dick showing some techniques for good bandaging :)
Erk (in a pretty apron) surrounded by spectators

Hey all! How was your Turkey Day? We had a nice one - for sure. Nice to be with fam.

Mom and Dad L, I hope you both felt well enough yesterday to celebrate!?

Here are some pix from our day yesterday. It's funny, of course being on this side of the camera, I'm not in any pictures. Except for the ones Dad took, and as you can see, for whatever reason, I looked scared/shocked/I have no idea what I was doing. HA!

My MRI is today at 12:15p. Erk is gonna run me down there (or we'll probably drive) and the kids will play at Nanny and Papa's for a bit.