Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been awake since 3:30am.

Yep. That was the time when Molly came down crying. I assumed (you all know what that does) she wasn't feeling well. So I scooped her up and put her in bed next to me, only to feel her pants which were soaked with pee. Oops.

I quickly sat up and took her in the other room, where I pulled down her soaking wet seemingly skin tight pj pants and undies. Upstairs we go, new jammies, back in bed. So I come on down and wouldn't you know it, my eyes are WIDE open. With no immediate chance of them closing.

I think about life, think about the dates Erk and I went out on back in the day, the jobs I've had, getting my wisdom teeth out and having a bruised face for a job interview, etc. It's 4:35am... Then it's 5:00am... then it's 5:14am and I must have begun to close my eyes, well until Mike came down and whispered some looooooooong story. I wasn't following his train of thought and first assumed (there's that word again) he was sleep walking. Nope, then I hear "glow stick" and "I didn't mean to, it just came out..." and I am WIDE awake and headed upstairs.

I'm yanked.

Jack is on the steps coming down to "lay on the couch." It isn't even 6am yet! I tell Jack to head back up and go look in Mike's room. His 2 quilts on his bed have glowing spots.

I'm even more yanked.

I rip the bedding off his bed (it should be noted that he is like a sweat box when he sleeps, he likes a lot of blankets and then proceeds to sweat his little head off - literally, weird I know) and spit out some words of heated advice and head down the hall. Molly's door is open? I just had closed it. I close it again. Check on Jack and remind him (also heated in my words) to NOT come downstairs until after 7am. I leave his room and Molly's door is open again!? Bean. Ahh, Bean. She knew I was mad and was looking for a place to hide out :)

So back to bed some time after 6a only to have the ol' alarm go off soon there after.

When I closed my eyes to pray before I ate my bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, I prayed for an over abundance of patience today.