Saturday, November 27, 2010

We could go bowling

Molly started off with shoes but they hurt her toes, so she finished up in socks

Miss Mol

Jack getting ready to show us how it's done (the lighting is really bad in there so pictures didn't turn out so well!)
Ohh, when we got there at 10:06a, the door was locked. I thought that was strange (had just checked online to see the time they opened and I coulda sworn it said 10a). So we backed away from the door and I contemplated moving around our plans for the day when this older woman walked up and I told her the door was locked. She said "well it better not be. I was told they opened at 10!" Sure shootin, she got her son to give her his cell phone and called the alley. Of course we could hear the phone ringing inside with no one there to answer it. She motioned behind her with her pointer finger out and when it was time to leave a message, she said, "Excuse me, you have 14 people standing outside your door, you told me you open at 10!" and hung up. WOW did that lady have some gonads. Is bowling really that important lady? Two seconds later the owner pulls up in a vehicle we recognize from around town and asks, "do you ever have one of those mornings?" Poor dude. Those things just happen, ya know? Too bad crabby lady never has one of those days! SHEESH.