Friday, November 12, 2010


What the beak!? Last night after the kiddos were all tucked in bed (which was quite a process cause Mike slept with Molly in her bed, I pulled Jack's mattress in on the floor so he could get in on the sleepover action, only to be asked to put his mattress back on his bed 10 minutes later so he could sleep - Molly was talking) I came downstairs figuring I'd get "my work" done.

See, with the "holiday show" we are going to be at tonight - at a nearby town library :) - there was a lot of last minute stuff pending.

I plopped down to work on my laptop and my faint headache started to pick up some steam. I wanted to keep working, so I did - even though my head was telling me I'd better go to bed. It hit 8:58pm and I couldn't look at my computer screen anymore. I had to call it a night. I figured taking some Tylenol PM and my amoxicillin from my recent gunk would help me sleep and I'd be fine. So I take those pills and head upstairs to check the kids. Mike and Molly are so sweet sleepin' next to each other, Jack all snuggled in his own bed. Then I realize, I'm not seeing straight. Things weren't in focus...

So I come on downstairs and make sure the doors are locked and I'm gonna puke. I swear I was gonna puke. I went straight to bed. The only light in our room was the clock and it seemed like the sun was shining directly into my eyeballs. I put a pillow over my head, my head was throbbing. I laid there not able to close my eyes cause my eyes would move and that made it worse, so I opened my eyes and stared in the darkness. What was I gonna do? I wasn't able to sleep - but could I take more medicine when I had just taken all of those? I couldn't take it anymore, I got up and nausiously walked to the bathroom where I lingered over the "head" figuring I'd lose supper. I took an Excedrin Migraine and wobbly as I was, headed back to bed. I literally rocked myself, back and forth, trying not to move my eyes. I believe I did that for somewhere around 45 minutes.

Next thing I knew Molly was in my face telling me she needed a kleenex. I didn't wanna move - although I felt the headache was gone and I could possibly rest on the back of my head now (when the headache was going on, I couldn't). I just told her to get in bed with me.

This morning I was woken up by Mike telling me it was ""7:01 Mom, when are you gonna get up?" The headache was gone but I swear to you my skull was still sore! Like I had been hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat last night.

As the day has worn on, my head has started to clear up, although it's still sore. I'm not wanting to look any direction quickly or bend over with my head beneath my heart for fear the headache will return. Sheesh louise - migraines are not anything to mess with! (ohh and in case you are wondering where is Erk? he's up at Don's cabin for deer hunting thru Tuesday - figures, doesn't it??)

Tonight the holiday show is from 7p-9p. We aren't sure what to expect, we've never done one of these before but are hoping to get our name out there. We'll be with MaryKay ladies and Lia Sophia, so who knows, if nothing else we'll meet some new ladies and hopefully come away feeling like all of our work has paid off :)