Sunday, November 21, 2010

These 3

Bedtime was fun tonight - I smiled as I sang the A-B-C's with Molly. Her little 3 year old voice ringing out, not pronouncing her X's right. So precious. What a gift our kids are. So truly. Thank you Lord for each of these 3. They are so special.

This morning I woke up just kinda feeling like I needed some time to myself. Just some peace in the valley, time to regroup. We went to church and out to lunch with Nanny and Papa, then on home. Erk isn't feeling so good, he took a nap and the kids all headed up for quiet time. Quiet time proved to be Ernie time :) It felt great to have some time to dink, do whatever floated my boat and then when all came back into the norm again, I was ready for it. My patience restored and I gotta tell ya, Jack snuggling on my left shoulder during Toy Story 3 was priceless. Great family time. Good stuff.

And so I'm here thankful for today, for this evening, for our family. Praise God for the gifts He gives. Like Ivor said at church this morning, we will "thank Him now" :)

PS sorry to hear you guys have the crud now, Granny and Grampa :( I hope you get feeling better and for the infection in Dad L's leg!