Monday, November 8, 2010

Potted Shower

we got to see Tony yesterday for lunch!

Hello and happy Monday to ya! Molly is insisting on sitting on my lap right now and that makes it kinda tough to type :) But she's cute and only gonna be 3 for a short while so for now, it'll work.

What a beautiful day outside. WOW. I just swept out the leaves in the garage, got the truck washed today and even cleaned the windows on the inside of the truck. Bye bye dog nose prints and kids handprints, at least until later today ;) We also got me a trim on the ol' hair today, something I've put off fearing she'd cut too much off. But she didn't, just got rid of the bad ends.

Ohh and funny thing today too - so yesterday our water heater quit. Nice, I know. We managed thru, I even took a cold shower (NOT recommended). Today I couldn't do it - I saw Erk heated up some pots on the stove for his "shower" so I did the same. Too bad the water was a little too hot. So I stood there mixing the faucet water with my potted water and managed to clean myself up. Mike and Molly were so curious about the pots and how that all worked, I didn't have much privacy. Anywho after that whole fiasko, Erk called to ask me to check the breakers, wouldn't you know, the water heater's breaker was tripped! So yeah, it was a simple fix (for now). We'll have to keep an eye on it I suppose...

Ohh, now Mikie is playing a video game that needs some of my mad skills.