Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Than Half

look at that Snickers PIE!
Mol checkin' out the dam

Hey there! The kitchen light dimmer must be turned all the way up cause I feel like I'm being interrogated right now! :)

Mikie puked last night. Twice. The first time on himself, the floor, the couch and lucky Daddy who's lap he was sitting on. Yeah. The "mind over matter" instinct had to kick in so it would get cleaned up. Erk sat there like a statue as I wiped him off! HA!
So far today Mike seems ok, he started with some toast and we waited a while. Then he wanted some oatmeal so he had some. I just hope I don't get to see it again.

Yesterday Mol and I woke up feeling pretty good. Much better than the night before, that's for sure. So we did a little cleaning and odds and ends and headed to vote. They even gave Mol a sticker that said "I voted" and she put it on upside down. We had a few people that we saw after that comment on how she is a little too young to vote :)
From voting we headed to the Post Office to ship an order, then opted to take a walk around town. While we were by the dam (and still had an hour to kill before picking the boys up from school) we grabbed some dessert. Not just any dessert, a huge piece of Snickers Pie. WOW, was it good. I may have eaten a little more than half myself :) An older woman sitting at the restaurant we were in stopped us and said she had been watching us out the window as we walked by the dam. She was really cute with Mol. An old dude on the trail told me "if she ever catches up to her shadow, gimme a call, I wanna be her agent!" Nice folks.
So we'll see how today goes. So far two kids who don't mind egging each other on and food is staying in stomachs where it should. Jack seems to be feeling just fine as he headed off to school this morning. He didn't at all mind getting to stay up later last night than his bro and sis :)