Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plop 'Em In

Hey there - coming to you live from "feel like poopville." I keep thinking I'm feeling better but then I get another headache and my sore throat rears it's head and I'm back to feeling this way. So, I think I may need to call the doc for some drugs for me tomorrow. I don't wanna let this get too far ahead of me and end up like I did in Iowa 2 years ago with a bleeding ear!

Other than that - let's see - ohh, this morning was fun. Met with an amazing card designer at Starbucks who we are gonna team up with this holiday season :) She makes the most amazing cards that people can simply plop their pictures into. So through our website, we are going to sell her designs and print them. FUN! We are really excited, a great way to diversify. So if you are in the market of making your own cards (digitally) or would like to make one online - lemme know! I can hook ya up!

In place of Shawna's and my meeting this evening, we are gonna talk on the phone. I don't feel up to driving and it being a late night. And this way I can see Jack, Mike and Mol :) They are at my folks. Mol's been there since 9a - the boys since Papa picked them up from school. Days like today make me wonder what it'll be like for real when they are all 3 in school!

Ohh and Erk's dad had surgery yesterday - all is well, please pray for a speedy recovery!