Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Why in the world do I keep getting calls from 1(234)5? Honestly, that's how it shows up on my phone. No one is there. What is this? Sounds like the combination on my luggage (Spaceballs) :)

I went to the doc a bit ago for my headaches. I'm glad I went. Without a doubt, the worst part was stepping on that darn scale! Argh! Don't ya hate that?!

I don't typically see this doctor, although he is my primary. He is the kids doctor, Dad's doctor, Erk's doctor and was Meg's doctor. That's great - he's a great guy, but I don't like to go see him for my annual physicals. It's weird. I just can't do it. He checks my kids for colds, I don't wanna sit there in a gown! So I still go to my old OBGYN for those visits. Call me crazy, but hey, he (my OB) delivered 2 of the 3 kids and I can somehow deal with it. Ok - I guess I'm getting too graphic here - ANYWHO...

So seeing the doc today was weird. I was the one sitting on the wax paper covered bed thingy. He went thru a slew of questions and all, and ended up prescribing me a migraine medicine as well as an MRI. He just wants to make sure my brain is in there :) Nahh, he just wants to make sure everything is ok up there. Especially since the headaches have been in these past few months. I have no prior history of migraines. So... we'll see. There was some discussion over the MRI with the titanium piece in my right ear (from my ear surgery 2 years ago), but it sounds like it'll all work out.

I'll keep ya posted!

UPDATE! I go Friday a little after noon for an MRI.