Monday, November 15, 2010

A Day Late

I'm feeling like my talk with the kids yesterday was effective... today.

They are doing "quiet time" and so far I don't hear anyone. Yesterday was a different story. I had to yell up the stairs more than once, had Molly lay down in bed with me, only to go up and again give the boys a 10 minute speech on respect and consideration for others. So far they are playing in their own rooms, respecting the fact that Molly is asleep and Jack (who is home sick from school today) needs some r&r.

He has sucha runny nose, I just couldn't see him keeping up with it at school. The germs - the kleenex. Wasn't a pretty mental picture. That and the 7:30am wake up call I did to him and he said he wasn't ready to get up? Umm, that is not like him. He is an EARLY riser by nature. So all 3 are home and quiet and I'm wondering what I'll do with the next 45 minutes. Hmm, perhaps wash windows? Perhaps not.