Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Potty Breaks

Bean has been barking at me to open the door. I've ignored her. So she just walked past me and nudged at my nightstand, watching to see if it would tip over. Now she is back to the front door. I think she really needs to go out.

The boys are both at school today! Jack adjusted as best he could yesterday, had a good day. He was nervous and ahead of time, not really looking forward to it. But he came home on "green" all day :) Today it was Mikie... "Mike get your gloves on, Mike, your snowpants, Mike, have you brushed your teeth?" And there sat Jack 10 minutes before the bus came all dressed with snow gear and ready to go. So funny how different!

Mol and I are headed to church before long for our mom's group. Looking forward to being back, it's been a few weeks!

Erk and I got a chance to celebrate our anniversary last night while the kids were with Granny and Grampa. We did chinese (really bad food at this buffet, YUCK! I still have a gut bomb this morning) and then a movie, Little Fockers. I must admit, it didn't get me laughing like the other 2 did!? But really nice to have some time with just me and Erk. Good time to talk and reconnect without needing extra napkins for a spilled drink and saving moola on just 2 movie tickets instead of 5. Not to mention not needing popcorn and candy for everyone, ohh and we could sit in the very top of the theater without any potty breaks :)