Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicken Strips

I was just able to have a really cool talk with Jack.

Tonight we are having manicotti for dinner. Not a favorite of Jack's, or Erk's for that matter. But something different. And Mike and I happen to like it. Molly, I'm not sure. Anywho, Jack isn't happy. He also isn't happy that his video game got interrupted by him and Mike fighting so I had them turn it off. Then he went to his room to find that Mike had taken apart his LEGO ship to put LEGOS in the "estimation jar" for school. Three pretty big blows to the little man.

So we talked about these things, singled them out as what was bothering him. I told him I understood, and I do. And it's ok to be disappointed or frustrated.

Then the cool discussion... I talked to him about how life isn't always "chicken strips." (Those of you who eaten out with Jack know that is what he always orders). It isn't always gonna be chicken strips. Sometimes life throws manicotti at you. Something new or different or not what you would want if it was up to you. Will he try it? He may like it.

I told him how this mom's group at church, at first I went cause I felt it was the thing I should do. I took a bite. Once I took that bite I realized I kinda liked it. I took a little more, chewed on a little more and realized it's great! I've been so blessed by it. Had I not taken that first bite, I wouldn't feel the encouragement and new friendships and growth I do today as a result of it. He looked at me with a big smile. He got it.

Now let's see if he'll try the manicotti...