Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have to tell ya, I'm feeling pretty blessed that so many of you read this here blog. I have been asked by 3 people today "what the beak?" is up with not updating my blog. And I've got to say, that makes me smile. I'm glad you check in with what's going on with us and enjoy this. I know I sure do :)

Things are going well - been a busy few days. Not any more busy than usual, but I've been trying to be more concious of how much time I'm spending on my laptop - I'm trying to play more. This morning I played Barbies with Molly and Legos with Mikie. Last night the kids and I played Twister and Mouse Trap. With it came the best sound, good ol' fashioned belly laughs! Just make the plastic dude from Mouse Trap puke into the bucket that the silver marble is supposed to go into - guaranteed Jack laughing his butt off and Mike soon to follow!

Last night when I was saying goodnight to Jack, his light was off, so only the light shining in his room from the hallway light. I was on my knees beside his bed, he was all covered up laying on his stomach facing me.

He said to me, "Mom, remember when your hair was short like mine?"
I said, "yep."
He says, "I like it longer."
I replied with a squint of the eyes and a turn of the head, "is that your way of telling me you think it looks nice?"
Jack said, "That's my way of telling you I love you and I think you're pretty."

CROCODILE tears streamed down my face.