Saturday, January 29, 2011


this is where we're at!

Hello! Coming to you live from a "resort" in the middle of nowhere! Shawna and I are here to digital scrapbook for the weekend. We've been looking forward to this since last July when we paid for it with our business funds :)

I must say, it's interesting... Mainly our sleeping quarters. Umm, I am 99% sure the movie "Psycho" was filmed in our room. Seriously. It's major creepy. The shower stall was one I wished I had flip flops along to use. Yep. But today we've gotten into our grooves with the scrapbooking part and have already talked about coming back next year. But cutting out the "Sunshine" sleeping quarters (which are more like "Deliverance"). We'll see if there is a hotel close. I'm thinking we passed one on our way in.

So here we sit, scrapbooking on our laptops. We are the only 2 in the entire room and I'd say there are 50 women here. You wouldn't believe the supplies, paper, cutters, special lights, containers, file cabinets and bags these ladies have! Everyone here was given a 6 foot table. Let's just say, I moved over to Shawna's table so we could chat, here we both sit at a 6 foot table, the lady across from us took over my table with all of her "gear." WOW!