Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Molly showing me her moves the other day :)
The county truck has gone by our house probably 3 times in the last hour! They are getting the road pre-prepped for the weather I think. Well, and there is quite a bit of snow out there now they are trying to sand/salt.

What a nice morning. The boys had a 2 hour delay and honestly, I had a hard time getting out of bed. I had a headache and just wanted to catch a few more Z's. But the kids were up and ready to tackle the day and Erk was outta here early to head to work. So I dragged my sorry butt outta bed and it's been a good day.

Phone calls started to trickle in just after 8am about our mom's group and whether we should go as planned or delay it. I figured since I was the only one with a conflict (kids old enough to be in school) we'd go for it. Made a few calls, there were enough of us that were gonna be there that we made it work. Picked up Lindsey and Hunter on the way and the boys didn't mind being in the nursery for 45 minutes til it was time to run them to school. Well, maybe Jack minded, but he lived to tell the story :)

We had an amazing speaker today, she's come twice now. WOW. This lady tells it like it is, no frills. The first time she spoke to our group we all left with makeup run down our faces and crying. Not in a bad way, but in a way that she touched our hearts and truly wants to teach and help us raise Godly children. Pretty awesome stuff, and quite the responsibility! No tears fell today, but equally good conversation. What a cool lady. She's got her crap together!

So afterwards, Mol and I dropped Lindsey and Hunter off at home and we came home for some "butter and jelly" as Molly calls it. We chatted for quite some time and colored, and now she is up doing quiet time. Felt good to shift my focus on her while we were sitting here, rather than picking up my phone or opening my laptop. It's good to have reminders sometimes that these types of things can wait. And there is no reason I need to text back right away. Listening to Molly talk about hot air balloons and "where are the fricking deer?" are too priceless to miss!