Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Day?

Well the weather outside is... pretty :) Molly and I just came in and the boys were soon to follow. Did a little sledding out there in the side yard. Molly's poor hands were freezin so we got some hot chocolate going. I took some laundry upstairs to put away and hear Mike yelling for me. He wanted me to watch him ride (standing up) down the hill on the orange sled. So I opened a side window for a good view. He did it! Stood most of the way! Then Jack goes to get the sled and inadvertently kicks Mike right across the left side of his face. OOPS. Mike cried but pulled it together quick and both boys headed in to add their snowgear to the dryer. Fortunately the cold helped it not hurt too bad on Mikie's face. He's a tough guy.

Hot chocolate is gone and Cheezits are out. Had dinner going all day in the crockpot so the house smells gooooood. I wonder how long it will take Erk to get home tonight? With all the snow and slow drivers... Weather says 1-5 inches today and more tomorrow. Snow day anyone?