Thursday, January 27, 2011

This mornin

It wasn't until I just walked down the mailbox looking like this that I laughed at myself...

The morning was filled with

- being woken up too early, kids running the halls (namely Mike and Molly)
- twice going upstairs to tell Mike and Molly to get BACK IN BED
- Jack feeling sick, but is he too sick for school or just wanting to stay home?
- reminding Mike 4 times to get pants on = frustrated MOM
- giving the boys a ride to school

So naturally I didn't take the time to shower. I suppose I could have squeezed one in, but I didn't. So I took them to school in my pj's, robe over top with my winter coat over top of that. I threw a hat on so as to not embarrass the boys. I guess I shoulda realized it when Jack wouldn't kiss my cheek when I dropped them off at school! :)