Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Putting the kids to bed tonight was like most any night. Molly got out of bed repeatedly to get more water or see what I was talking to the boys about or for some cute-made-up-3-year-old-reason. Mikie waits patiently in the dark in his room pondering what makes the world go 'round. Jack and I have a new thing of me tickling him for a while using a funny accent, cracking both him and I up. But tonight? Jack wanted me to lay down by him... after I said goodnight to everyone else.

At first I told him how I had some things to do and that it was time for bed. Then I got hit with the thought, how often do I get to do this? It isn't something he asks every night. He was just looking for that extra time. Just me and him. So I acted reluctant and told him I'd be back, all the while smiling at him. Went and prayed with Mike (he prayed tonight, it was so sweet),

"Dear Lord, thank you for all that you did for us today. Please, uh please help us all to have a good day tomorrow and please help Jack to be on green at school so he can get to 10 days green. And ummm, Amen."

Then put Molly in bed (for the fourth time) and head down the narrow hall to Jack's room. He was waiting, even scooted over so there was room for me. I plopped down next to him, laying on my stomach and he wanted to talk.

"Hmmmm, what to talk about..." he said, looking up at the ceiling.

Then he smiled and began telling me all about his day. From what he had for breakfast to what conversations he'd had throughout the day to what his "word wall words" were to recess and playing football to coming home and having tacos to playing Daddy at Madden 11. I just lay there listening. So precious. Special time just me and him.