Saturday, January 15, 2011


Jack snuck outta bed (per his and Daddy's plan) to come watch the Packers vs. Falcons game. It's hilarious how big of football fans our boys are, and I must admit, I have become too! I find pro football very entertaining. WEIRD I know!

A great day today - Molly got to spend the night special at Granny and Grampa's house last night and got dropped off this morning. When she got here with Granny, Nanny and Papa were here. Papa helped carry the VERY heavy desk upstairs into Jack's bedroom. Since we are clearing what used to be "the office", we are finding places for the furniture in there. During all of that craziness, Jack, Mike, Molly and I headed out to pick up Jack's friend Jared for a "playdate." (I must say, "playdate" sounds like kind of a gay word. You know what I mean :) Erk stuck here at home to come up with a plan-stan for the office area. Heck, for the laundry room too. How fun is it to have house projects again? To know we are staying put in this here ol' house and to look forward to what it will become. Amazing to feel the peace knowing this is where we'll be.

Anywho, we picked up Jared (and I got to meet his brand new baby sister Lauren, what a cutie) and headed out to lunch. The kids had hotdogs and all and I had a nice salad. From there we headed to the gymnastics place around the corner for some open gym. On our way I saw I missed a call from Mike's friend's mom who hadn't called me back about today's playdate. So I called her back and we detoured to pick up Lucas. What a nut. Then we headed for open gym and the kids ran/jumped/balanced their little hearts out. We came back here for the kids to play and that's when Lucas started to bug me. The kid cracks me up, but seeing him for a long amount of time made me realize what a strange little man he is.

Erk and I kept looking at each other like "weirdo!" The kids played upstairs for a bit, begged to play a video game, chased each other, made Molly feel bad (kicked her out of her bedroom) and Mike got ticked a few times. By 4:00p, I was done. All set. I had called Lucas' mom to come get 'em between 4-4:30p, and she got here right at 4:30p. That was a loooooong 1/2 hour. Anywho, Lucas left and Jared was still here a bit. He could have hung out longer, what a nice, respectful little dude. Once he left our evening consisted of nachos in the oven, football and more football. And now? Here Bean sits next to me like she owns the place (she kinda does), Jack is barely keeping his eyeballs open although he's acting like he can sit here the whole game and Erk is flipping thru the channels during commercials.

Nighty night!