Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blood and Bus

A couple of things that have happened in the past few days I forgot to mention:

Erk took Bean dog out to the "state game" area at the end of our road a few days back for a little snowshoeing. They got back a little sooner than expected. I was folding clothes and Erk called to me from the front door, asking if I could "come here." So I did and saw a bloody Bean head! I didn't freak, but asked what happened!? Erk figures she caught her ear on a pricker bush or something, but she only was cut on her ear. From the looks of it (and the blood everywhere) I figured there had to be more damage. We contemplated the vet, but thought we'd get her washed up first to see what we were dealing with. I took hold of her choke chain and brought her into the bathroom. Erk went out to his car to wipe down the backseat that could have very easily been a crime scene. So while in the bathroom with Bean, I decided to take my jeans off. They were my good ones, naturally I didn't wanna get blood all over 'em. So I'm in the tub with Bean in my socks, undies and shirt. Mike opens the door and Molly is there to peek too, wondering what the heck I'm doing! Anywho, I get Bean all rinsed off and have Mike find me a gauze packet and some masking tape (which doubles as Jack's football holder on his dresser). I get the ear all wrapped up and let Bean loose, only for her to shake her head and body off, reopening the wound. Blood everywhere. Even on poor little Molly who had just sat on the potty chair. She had blood all over her face and arm and the toilet was covered. Mol was freaked! Got her all cleaned up and Bean cleaned off again. I called Lindsey to see what she thought and bless her heart, she came over right away with some saave to take a look at the ear. It was just a surface wound (tell that to our front porch and the snow bank outside with blood spatters). Each time Bean would shake her head, she bled. This went on for quite a bit, but each time got less and less. Eventually it stopped and her "elephant ear" as Nanny Loo called it, is doin just fine.

Yesterday at normal time my phone rang the reminder and I headed to the front door to watch for the boys to get off the bus. 3:50pm came and I was on the front porch waiting. Vrooooooom by the bus went. Flew right on past our house going 55 MPH. Uhhh. I stood there shocked. I called my dad and asked, "what the hell just happened here?" Molly was napping so I couldn't go chase it. There I stood. Called Erk and left a voicemail. Waited. Walked to the end of the driveway and looked side to side as if my looking would make the bus suddenly appear. Decided to call 411 to get the info for the schools transportation building. Just as the number was being recalled to me by the computerized information voice, the bus appeared over the hill. And sure enough, at 3:58pm the boys got dropped off, on the wrong (scary) side of the street. Nervous they'd get hit and getting them into our yard, the bus driver slides open her window and apologizes, saying she doesn't know what she was thinking. Umm yeah, me either.